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Our services can be distinguished into two, often interchangeable, services which can be provided in whole or in part:

1.     Transactional services

  • IPO/trade sale preparation and project management
  • Preparation of business plan and review of forecasts and assumptions
  • Introduction and coordination of other professional advisers, acting as a central point of contact for all parties
  • Reviewing and drafting of transactional documents
  • Independent sounding board and 'sense check' for directors
  • Assist management in the preparation of requisite materials for due diligence process (including that for acquisition targets)
  • Procurement, where required, of suitable non-executive and other directors to maintain a balanced board
  • Review and assist in the implementation of appropriate systems, controls and corporate governance for the next stage of the businesses growth
  • Group restructuring
  • Investor presentation preparation 

2.     Ongoing Corporate Services and Advice

  • Act as a conduit/representative between the company and other professional advisers and/or shareholders
  • Provide assistance with understanding and interpretation of regulatory rules and general compliance
  • Assist in the drafting of corporate and regulatory communications
  • Assessment and review of proposed corporate transactions in light of commercial drivers and regulatory considerations
  • General corporate and strategic advice
  • Available to all directors as an independent sounding board both independently and collectively
  • Source or provide and manage company secretarial services
  • Facilitate corporate administration services
  • Assist in the preparation of regulatory filings and applications​

In addition, we can provide services to Nomads and other professional adviser and can undertake independent reviews of a company's corporate governance function and it's systems and controls to ensure continuing appropriateness for a company on, or considering joining, a public market. 

Furthermore, where there may be perceived deficiencies in a client company's systems and/or governance, through our network, we can assist with the procurement of further non-executive directors and the formation and implementation of strengthened systems and procedures.​